Leaf Thinning for vineyarads and wineries

Leaf Thinning

Leaf thinning is a key step towards quality fruit at harvest. The June 2017 program discussed the practice of leaf thinning around the world, the benefits to growers and winemakers, as well as location, timing, and quantitative results.

Grower Benefits

  • Better air flow
  • Better spray penetration
  • Less disease pressure
  • Even ripening
  • Easier harvest

Winemaker Benefits

  • Consistent fruit quality
  • Less disease
  • Color stability
  • Enhanced phenolics
  • More fruit, less vegetative flavors

pdfDownload the presentation (minus videos) here

Video 1: Vit Minute Leaf Pulling
Video 2: Jordan Winery: Leaf pulling preparing our grapevines for ripening
Video 3: One Acre in Napa Valley – Episode # 5 Leaf removal
Bonus Video:  Sheep thinning leaves at Shannon Ridge

Other Primary Resources: Recent Advances in Grapevine Canopy Management – July 16, 2009 University of California, Davis