Oklahoma State Capitol

Legislation Impacting Oklahoma Wine

Oklahomans for Modern Laws is leading a grassroots effort to bring Oklahoma into the 21st century because our antiquated, prohibition-era beer and wine laws are holding us back.

See more information and follow the legislation here  – http://www.okmodernlaws.org


Free the Grapes is advocating reform of the liquor distribution laws, to result in the availability of a greater variety of wines to consumers.

See more here – http://freethegrapes.org/

Harvest 2015

It’s the busiest time of the year for our growers and winemakers in central Oklahoma. Buckets and harvest bins are either being cleaned, filled, emptied and cleaned again.

2015 was an extraordinary year for weather. From mid-April through mid-June, Norman and surrounding areas saw nearly 37 inches of rain. That’s 14” more rain than all of 2014!

Most growers experienced lower than normal crop due to excess vegetation, disease pressure, and nutrients leaching from the soil.

Hopefully, weather will cooperate a little better next year.